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Tina and Lena go 'On the Road with Jason Davis'

Annette Hustad and Sue Edwards, also known as Tina and Lena, performed their comedy act for the TV show, On the Road with Jason Davis.1 / 3
Jason Davis watched Tina and Lena perform.2 / 3
Annette Hustad spoke with Jason Davis and his cameraman before a performance.3 / 3

Tina and Lena are used to taking their act on the road. But for the first time, the popular Scandinavian comedic singing duo will be featured on a well-known TV show, On the Road with Jason Davis.

After reading a story about Tina and Lena in Minnesota Moments magazine, Davis wanted to go on the road to witness a transformation. Through his TV show, he wanted Minnesotans to see Sue Edwards of Alexandria and Annette Hustad of Glenwood become Tina and Lena.

He will uncover a sneak peek of their transformation on Sunday, November 21 on KSTP channel 5 (KSAX locally) during the news broadcast at about 10:30 p.m. (It will not be included in Davis' half-hour program that starts at 11:05 p.m.)

Tina and Lena started performing together in 1984. Their variety show is a blend of clever to cornball comedy, musical harmony and spirited antics. They are favorites at corporate events, conventions, fairs, festivals and performing arts theaters.

The comedy/singing duo put on a special performance specifically for filming of On the Road with Jason Davis. It was held Tuesday, November 2 at the Glenwood Estates in Glenwood. Davis had requested the spur-of-the moment performance in Hustad's hometown, as his show has not filmed there.

Davis and his crew filmed the duo from the beginning - from Edwards and Hustad getting ready, through the full-house performance.

"We had so much fun. He is absolutely a gracious man. Very unassuming and very wise." Edwards said. "It was a 'pinch-me' experience to work with him."

What: On the Road with Jason Davis, featuring Tina and Lena (Sue Edwards of Alexandria and Annette Hustad of Glenwood)

When: Sunday, November 21 at about 10:30 p.m.

Where: KSTP channel 5 (KSAX locally)