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4-H'ers take part in food review, demonstrations

4-H demonstration champions include (back) Will Schroeder, Jenna Hedstrom, Shaun Mateer; (front) Michael Schroeder, Eric Branch, Carl Branch.1 / 2
Food review champions include Shaun Mateer, Rebecca Mateer, Lauren Engebretson, Jessa Kokett, Rachel Kokett, Alexis Kokett and Megen Way.2 / 2

Thursday, July 15 was judging day for 14 Douglas County 4-H'ers in the Food Review and Demonstrations project areas.

Food Review participants were required to design a menu and place setting, and bring one food item from the menu, as well as the place setting and centerpiece.

The seven participants were Jessa Kokett, Alexis Kokett and Rachel Kokett, all of Alexandria and members of the Liberty Livewires; Lauren Engebretson of Alexandria and Megen Way of Garfield, members of the Chippewans; Rebecca Mateer and Shaun Mateer of Alexandria, members of the GoBees.

All of the participants earned blue ribbons. Grand Champion in the 9th grade and above division went to Lauren Engebretson and Reserve went to Jessa Kokett.

For the 6-8th grade division, Grand Champion went to Megen Way and Reserve went to Alexis Kokett.

In the 3-5th grade division, Grand Champion went to Rachel Kokett and Reserve went to Shaun Mateer.

Eight demonstrations were given on topics of choice, and included topics such as How to Successfully Start Seeds Indoors, How to Identify a Lamb, How to Make a Box and more.

Participants included Michael Schroeder, Will Schroeder and Jordan Lund, all of Brandon and members of Moe; Jenna Hedstrom of Alexandria, member of Hoofbeats; Eric Branch, Carl Branch, Shaun Mateer and Rebecca Mateer, all of Alexandria and members of the GoBees; Ethan Way of Evansville, member of the Chippewans.

Grand Champion for demonstrations Grades 3-5 went to Shaun Mateer and Reserve to Michael Schroeder.

For grades 6-8, Will Schroeder received Grand Champion and Carl and Eric Branch received Reserve Champion with Rebecca Mateer receiving Honorable Mention.

Grand Champion for grades 9+ went to Jenna Hedstrom.