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Community Education offers summer fun

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Summer is one of the best seasons for kids to have fun. There's no school, the weather is great, and the days are long.

There's no shortage of fun with District 206 Community Education's large selection of camps, miniversities, and theater opportunities that provide fun, hands-on learning opportunities for youth in incoming grades K-12.

Following are a few of the opportunities Community Education is offering to youth this summer.

For information, a list of other class offerings or to register, call Community Education at (320) 762-3310 or register in person at 1410 S McKay Avenue, Suite 201, Alexandria. The summer catalog can also be viewed online at

"Stomp Troupe" Musical Instruments. Students in grades 2-6 can participate in a "stomp" troupe, create their own bottle blues, design their own rap song, and make a box guitar.

Saddle Up! Youth in grades 3-8 learn about horse and barn safety, grooming, saddling, feeding basics and take a trail ride at Arrowwood Stables.

Rock On! Third through 6th graders make geodes, a gravel mosaic, pet rock and a musical rain stick as they learn all about rocks.

Build a Robot. Youth in grades 3-7 will build a robot rabbit that uses its rear legs to kick itself forward, just like a real rabbit.

Amazing Cartoons! Young Rembrandts presents this class where 1st through 6th graders can learn to create amazing cartoons and discover ways to tell stories through pictures.

Summer Scrapbooking is an opportunity for youth in grades 2-6 to make their own scrapbook from start to finish. The mini-album will feature pockets and flip out pages to include lots of memories.

Lego Construction Zone. Youth in grades 3-6 learn to construct a variety of Lego projects, including cars, swing sets and more.

Fitness Fun. Students in grades 1-6 will enjoy fun exercises as they dance, play games, and even learn yoga.

Music Sampler. Second through 6th graders will learn to play a variety of instruments including piano, violin, cello, guitar, recorder and drums.

Explore Alternate Energy with Legos. Youth in grades 4-8 will use e-Lab energy kits to explore, using energy from the sun, wind and rain.

Red Cross: When I'm In Charge. This class is for youth ages 8 to 11 who may be ready to stay home alone. Class will cover indoor/outdoor safety, house keys, fire and gas leaks, internet/phone safety, house rules and more.

Pastel Drawing Camp - More Magnificent Masters. This class is for students in grades 5-7. They will create original pastel drawings using the styles of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse.

Theater opportunities

• Prairie Fire Children's Theatre "Beauty & the Beast" is open to youth in grades 3-12.

• Write On! Act Up! Is for those in grades 2-6. Create a play from start to finish. Write the script, assign roles and perform a unique play.

• Rising Stars: "Blast From the Past" is for those in grades 3-7. Work on your singing, acting and dancing skills during this one-week performance program that features music, skits and dances from the '70s.

Family opportunities

• A horseback riding class is offered to adults with children in grades 3-8 at Arrowwood Stables.

• Expecting parents can bring their child(ren) age 12 and younger to New Baby in the House - A Class for Siblings for help in the adjustment process.