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Someplace Safe seeks entries for art exhibit

Someplace Safe in Alexandria is inviting entries for an art exhibit that will heighten public awareness about crime victims and their rights.

The second annual Creative Healing Our Pain with "Ease"ls (HOPE) art exhibit will open Monday, April 19 and remain on display at the Douglas County Library in Alexandria until Friday, April 30. The exhibit will feature various art forms such as paintings, photographs and poetry.

The exhibit is in commemoration of Crime Victims' Rights Week, April 18-24, as well as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Individuals or artists who have been victims of crime or who have artwork relating to the impact of crime and violence, as well as hope for the future, and would like to express their experiences through the arts are invited to submit work.

Entries may include literature (poetry, short stories or essays), or visual arts (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, fabric/textiles and photographs). Video and musical entries will not be accepted. Poetry, essays and short stories will be copied and put into three-ring binders for public viewing. A separate entry form must be filled out for each artistic medium.

Entrants are responsible for delivering their submissions to the Someplace Safe Outreach Office, 700 Cedar Street, Suite 237, Alexandria, no later than April 16. Entries may be picked up at the same address after May 10.

All works included in Creative HOPE art exhibit will be identified as the creation and property of the individual who submitted them. If you do not want to be identified, note that on the submission form and you will remain anonymous.

The cosponsors reserve the right to use images, or portions of images, from the Creative HOPE exhibit in promotional materials and activities related to the exhibition, and in general agency promotional materials and activities.

For information, contact Amity Schneider at (320) 762-1995 or