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Mount Carmel to celebrate Fine Arts Week June 21-26

Fine Arts Week will be held at Mount Carmel on Lake Carlos June 21-26.

Calvin Miller will be the morning teacher at this special week, which features a music and arts emphasis.

As a pastor, writer, professor and artist, Miller ministers to many people, but one of his focused areas of work has been with pastors.

He helps people to clarify their faith in the way they witness in words.

Miller has written more than 40 books and has served as a pastor and teacher at Beeson Seminary in Alabama, where he currently resides. He has written a new book, Life is Mostly Edges, which reflects his life as a pastor, author, poet and professor.

"I think the things that draw you to the edge of yourself and your sanity sooner or later become those moments that you prize as the moment of change, the moment of insight, the moment of pleasure, ultimately," he once said.

Miller will speak each morning Monday through Thursday from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Mount Carmel Chapel. He will also lead an afternoon workshop at 4 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday.

The event provides a great opportunity for continuing education for clergy.

The public is welcome to attend for a donation of $10 per day. Lunch tickets may be purchased for $7. Call Mount Carmel for more information at 1-800-893-4311 or (320) 846-2744 or visit the website