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Letter: 'Why not' vs. 'get 'er done'

To the editor:

In reference to the unused mailboxes (July 30 story), I see a lot of “Why Not” vs. “Get ‘er done.” Surely any salvage value was consumed by the time needed to write the service request.

So, it appears we have abandoned federal property on our public sidewalks. How long would an abandoned vehicle on public property stay there? The tow truck driver would not have to check a manual to see about jurisdictions and compliance regulations.

There are “scrappers” who make a business of going around ahead of the recycling crew on the annual metal pick-up days and I think putting a FREE sign on these boxes would make them go away in a hurry. So what, if it would take a few minutes to cut off the bolts flush with the sidewalk, the eyesore would be gone. Or, Alexandria could charge rent for the space needed to store these boxes. Now, our well compensated public servants will be quick to justify their pay and the levels of education they need to do their jobs, the objective of unbolting these boxes doesn’t get done. It’s because the wrenches are somewhere else. We need more wrenches and fewer compliance manuals.

Perhaps an executive order is needed at the local level to bypass the bureaucracy of the system.

An old story about an immigrant asking what the highway signs that said Bump were for. When told, it’s to warn of a bump in the road, he asked, why don’t they fix the bump? Good question.

I think a government that can administer a health system, run a VA medical care facility, manage the IRS and manage our borders can certainly remove obsolete metal boxes.

Then again, I could be wrong.

Mike Jackson

Alexandria, MN