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Letter: Layoffs a measure to preserve company

To the editor:

Tastefully Simple recently made the difficult decision to lay-off or cut their staff by about 20 percent – 66 people.

Everyone who ever worked for Tastefully Simple enjoyed a job with an exciting, unique company that grew by leaps and bounds, right in our own back yard.

This is an amazing company. The founders’ fierce commitment to success and their brilliant business acumen have always been tempered with good, clean fun and a lot of raffia.

The same reason we all love(d) working there and benefiting from their success is the same reason 66 people had to lose their jobs. I have no doubt that Jill Blashack Strahan and Joani Nielson, because of their dedication and business smarts, did what they had to do to preserve their bigger-than-life, little company.

My heart breaks for all those who lost their livelihoods, but I hope they never lose sight of the good gig they had while it lasted.

Lisa Ek

Retired, Tastefully Simple resident chef

Farwell, MN