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They call this ‘affordable’ health care?

To the editor:

When the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was passed, I was very skeptical if this was good for this country. As time went on, parts of the law surfaced that I thought were good things, like no cap on policies, children could remain on your policy until age 26, and no one can be denied coverage.

What concerned me the most is how you pay for this and it is now becoming much clearer that it will be the people that had insurance before Obamacare.

Last year, I chose to retire and not being 65, I didn’t qualify for Medicare so I took out health insurance on my wife and me. It cost us $595 a month for a $20,000 deductible policy. In October, I received a letter from the insurance company canceling my insurance and replacing it with a policy at a 20 percent cost increase.

After weeks of checking, I found a policy (bronze plan) at about the same original cost with the same coverage. I thought we might qualify for a subsidy but found out that we live in an area where rates are low and so we don’t qualify.

What they call affordable health care is now costing us 25 percent of our income to cover premiums, and the insurance doesn’t pay a dime until we cover the deductible.

People who have insurance through their employers have seen their policies change and are now seeing more out-of-pocket cost and that’s only going to get worse. Employer-provided insurance is pre-tax and that amount is listed on W-2’s and I wouldn’t be surprised if pre-tax isn’t going away.

What this law has done is wreck the insurance 90 percent of the people had and didn’t provide affordable insurance for the other 10 percent. Maybe they should have read it before they passed it.