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Letter - Government spending is out of control

To the editor:

We need more people like Bill Ingebrigtsen to work for us. He knows that we need to live within our means, not like our spendy Democrats.

For example, our governor is building a billion dollar stadium for a rich, crooked owner and rich, spoiled-brat players. Think how far that money would go for fixing roads.

Now they talk about a gas tax hike. We are already paying record-high gas prices.

It is a shame to tear down a stadium as young as that one is and how strong it is. They have a hard time knocking it down. That was nothing more than a governor that wants one better than the neighbor’s.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a governor better than our neighbor’s? We sure need it, as this one doesn’t know what he is doing.

The Democratic way is to spend, spend, and then tax the heck out of us to pay for it. This governor has raised taxes higher than any other governor.

The Republicans balanced the budget without raising taxes. We need Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen as he is one of the few that has good common sense.

Loren Kakac

Alexandria, MN