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Letter - DFL leadership continues to disappoint

To the editor:

On Wednesday, Governor Dayton, DFL leadership and Republican leadership agreed to have a special session on Monday, September 9, 2013. Both parties agree that we should take up the issue of disaster relief that impacted portions of Greater Minnesota earlier this year. That is where the agreements ended.

Governor Dayton, along with his DFL controlled House and Senate, would not take up the hurtful taxes that were in the tax bill this past legislative session. Governor Dayton, who has acknowledged that he didn't read the tax bill before he signed it, will not take on these issues. Republicans and Democrats have agreed that these taxes are harmful to our recovering economy. Our governor last week stated that the Legislature would take a look at repealing the tax on farming equipment repairs. But when it came time for the governor to step up and repeal a mistake he made, he disappointed us.

Governor Dayton and his DFL allies will look to blame Republicans for trying to cut these taxes and leave the budget in a deficit. He will also say Republicans did not provide where the money could come from. This same governor raised taxes over $2 billion last legislative session, as well as giving his department commissioners over a 40 percent pay increase. That, coupled with sculpture gardens and incentives for Hollywood to come to Minnesota, I would like to believe we could come up with the money to protect our farmers, merchants and consumers from harmful taxes.

My first priority is the people of Minnesota and protecting their wallets. Not scoring political points. The move to delay repealing these harmful taxes is a disappointing step by our DFL lead government. Please contact your legislator and let them know that action is required now not in 2014.

Bill Ingebrigtsen,

District 8 senator

Alexandria, MN