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Letter - Hypocritical foolishness? I think not

To the editor:

In response to the July 24 letter to the editor, "Scandal is hypothetical foolishness:"

I don't think "most" Americans would agree that Paula Deen's words and actions are simply "politically incorrect." They are examples of racism, pure and simple. I can't believe certain individuals insist that race is no longer an issue. When our own president is disrespected every day due to his race, not his policies. When voter laws are specifically put into place to restrict certain individuals from voting, and most of those individuals are non-whites. When a Latino-American child is chastised for singing the National Anthem.

Let me ask anyone this question: If you were Caucasian and you had adopted an African-American child, and someone called your child that same N-word, would you stand idly by thinking that was political incorrectness? Or would you fight, tooth and nail, to make sure your child was respected and never, ever called that word again?

Some would say that your experience shapes you - perhaps going to college in the 60s gives one a certain "perspective" on racism. Well, I went to college in the 90s; think about the people going to college now. It doesn't matter what your past experience is; what matters is what is happening now. If Paula Deen said that even as recent as two decades ago, how much could her views really change in 20 years?

Perhaps it is "different" for certain people; people who live within a primarily white population. I grew up in rural Minnesota, but I have lived in Los Angeles for the past seven years. I see examples of racism every single day. I hear about it from my closest friends, many of whom are African-American, Middle-Eastern, Asian, or Latino.

Hypocritical foolishness? Politically correct hogwash? I think not. Please have some respect for your fellow Americans.

Sylvia Anderson

Los Angeles, CA