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Letter - Not a winning argument for middle class

To the editor:

A recent letter could not have been more wrong about Rep. Franson's priorities in the Minnesota Legislature when she voted against the massive $2 billion-plus in new taxes and fees and massive spending.

What the letter writer would like you to believe is that the word "investment" is disconnected to spending or accountability. Let's face it, we could elect 10 year olds that could come up with a plan that just taxes and spends. Who pays for it? What are the priorities? How much is enough?

Instead of the tax the rich and pay back school promises of the DFL, what did we see the DFL majorities do? Propose to tax just about everything; setting in on $2.4 billion in new taxes and not paying back schools.

Those tax increases Minnesota recently learned affected the lowest 10 percent earners in Minnesota more than any other group of taxpayers. Hardly what the letter writer told you.

While the DFL gave more money to schools, it didn't pay back the schools the money already owed, which would have been the first priority. So who is kidding who?

If we are going to help the middle class in Minnesota, we don't need billions in more taxes and spending. We need a government that lives within its means like the middle class does. We need to examine and prioritize the spending we already have. We need to balance the state's checkbook.

The letter was nothing more than political nonsense to simply say that voting against massive taxes and spending was the wrong thing to do.

We already are taxed enough, we spend way too much, and we are only making the business climate worse in Minnesota. That's not a winning argument for the middle class no matter what part of Minnesota you are from.

David Anderson

Lonsdale, MN