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Letter - Another tax that families did not expect

To the editor:

Recently, the Douglas County Board voted to implement a new $10 tax on every car and truck that we register at the Department of Motor Vehicles. This additional tax was tucked into the Legislature's transportation bill that Rep. Jay McNamar, who represents the western part of Douglas County, voted for.

Thanks to Rep. McNamar's vote, the Douglas County Board was allowed to raise a $10 tax on car and truck registrations. This is another regressive tax that low and middle-income families were not expecting.

Rep. McNamar and his fellow DFL lawmakers are making us pay more without reforming our government and without eliminating wasteful spending. They just continue to spend. Our state budget is now at $38 billion. Instead of keeping spending at a sustainable level, Rep. McNamar also voted to impose $2 billion in other tax, fee and surcharge increases on hardworking Minnesota taxpayers. That means less money for everyday necessities like gas, groceries or day care.

At the same time the Democrats are saying that they would tax the "rich" to protect low and middle income families, they are imposing taxes on everyone. Did they realize that by just taxing the "rich" they couldn't come up with enough money to cover their spending?

Democrats are already talking about raising more taxes next session. I hope you'll join me in urging Rep. McNamar to stop using hardworking Minnesotans as a credit card for runaway spending, and make him think twice about raising your taxes yet again.

Will Bettermann

Brandon, MN