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Letter - Franson is looking out for our pocketbooks

To the editor:

I want to thank Representative Mary Franson of Alexandria for her tireless work this session focusing on job creation and working to protect all of us from having to pay more through higher taxes, fees and costs imposed by the Legislature.

While a member of the minority in the Legislature, Representative Franson rolled up her sleeves and worked in a bipartisan way to get two of her bills passed, a daunting task given the all-Democrat control of state government.

Representative Franson also led the charge against the forced unionization of child care providers. As a former child care provider, Representative Franson knows that imposing unionization on the hard-working business owners, most of whom are women, who look after our children is wrong, will increase costs on parents and providers, and reduce options available for working parents.

Between higher taxes, higher health care costs due to the new government health care exchange that's part of Obamacare, and higher energy costs coming out of this legislative session, all Minnesotans will be paying more. I appreciate the fact that Representative Franson was looking out for our pocketbooks. Thank you, Representative Franson!

Scott Lofquist

Alexandria, MN