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Letter - Why mention Sarah Palin in Arizona shooting?

To the editor:

I was fairly impressed with the approach of Dennis Dalman's column on the tragic shootings in Tucson. It didn't have the "it has to be the fault of the right" that came out, some within 30 minutes of the event. The sheriff started the process by announcing that the shooter was motivated by "words of the toxic right wing." When asked if he had any evidence, he had to admit that he didn't. Even after his office had been involved five times with the deranged killer, they had done nothing to get him off the streets, keep him from being able to apply for a gun license, or at least keep an eye on him. Yet it was "the fault of those conservatives."

All the evidence is pointing to a young man that was mentally ill, and as far back as 2007, had written "die b----" on a letter that had been sent to him by the senator. That's why Dalman's column let me down at the end. He had to mention Sarah Palin, even though she wasn't on the national scene in 2007. Neither was the Tea Party, another popular target of the left for blame.

Why would Dalman bring Palin into this? He referred to her putting crosshairs on districts that the Republicans wanted to win in 2010. He failed to mention that the Democrats had put targets with bullseyes on their map.

The dialogue on both sides can and should be turned down. But presenting facts about the opposing party is not a personal attack. Differences of opinion and civil discussion should be welcome.

So, Dennis, next time, don't bring in someone you don't agree with or like to make a point. There will always be a bunch of names, events, quotes and stories that can be thrown right back at you.

Pryce Score

Kensington, MN