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Murder charges reinstated in 2013 stabbing

Letter - Zero tolerance is needed for bullying

To the editor:

Just over a year ago, the Alexandria City Council approved the establishment of the Cultural Inclusiveness Committee (CIC) to advise the city on matters that foster a community that is welcoming, vibrant and inclusive of diversity.

We believe that diversity enriches our lives and our community. As our community evolves, our efforts to understand, value and incorporate differences become increasingly important. Recent events at national levels have prompted conversations about experiences with bullying. The community should remember that even sensitive issues must be addressed as a path toward understanding and communication. Establishing strong community networks and promoting positive public awareness will remain a primary focus of the CIC.

Public participation is a regularly scheduled agenda item at our monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month. All segments of the population have a role to ensure zero tolerance for bullying in our community.

Support is available to aid victims and educate the community. We support and encourage dialogue to improve conditions for acceptance of human differences to make Alexandria inclusive, respectful and welcoming for all.

Mayor H. Dan Ness and

Mary Ann Maameri, CIC chair

Alexandria, MN