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Letter - Caregivers need specialized skills

To the editor:

Recently, while being in school for child development, we have observed that there is a wide range of skills and tasks needed to accomplish everyday child care activities. Being able to multitask and having good organization and communication skills are all important to meet the daily needs of children.

Caregivers need specialized skills to accomplish these tasks. Good communication is needed to overcome the problems that may occur from a displeased parent or confused child. Organizational skills help keep the environment controlled and run smoothly. Between record keeping, administering medicine, to where everyone is going to sleep for nap time, this all needs fine-tuned organization skills.

To receive these skills, providers need adequate training and teaching experiences. As a community, we need to recognize and understand the importance of this field of work and the skills and tasks needed to perform it well.

Emily Schroeder, Andrea

Tummel and Ashley Hoppe,

Alexandria Technical and Community College child

development students,

Alexandria, MN