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Letter - Childcare providers are not babysitters

To the editor:

Many people say that being a childcare provider is babysitting, but it is not. There is more to it than people say there is. A person needs special skills and talents to perform this profession. You need to know the difference between guidance and discipline. Guidance is a positive technique to teach children how to learn from their mistakes and wrong doings.

There is specialized training to become an early childhood professional. For example, car seat safety, SIDS, fire safety, shaken baby, CPR and there are many more.

Each day caregivers strive to provide quality care in a safe environment. Recognizing their efforts and valuing the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish this task is a huge step toward valuing family childcare professionals.

Laura Thode, Rebecca Gerzina, Jessica Manzke, Alexandria Technical and Community

College child development


Alexandria, MN