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Letter - Hunting contributes to economy

To the editor:

As the executive director of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, my focus is on encouraging and strengthening the business climate in the Alexandria lakes area. Many in our area care deeply about the success of Alexandria's business community and for many of our businesses, success is achieved through the economic impact of hunting. Since we are in the middle of hunting season, it is the perfect time to recognize hunting for its contribution to our local and statewide economy.

On average, Minnesota hunters spend $738 per hunter each year. This money is not just spent on hunting gear and ammunition but many hunters will grab a bite to eat before or after they hunt, and fill up with gas at local gas stations and stay at local hotels and resorts. Many different businesses benefit from hunters coming to our region to hunt, which is why the Chamber has joined a new partnership called Hunting Works for Minnesota (

With the season at its peak, it is the goal of Hunting Works and the Chamber to spread the word about how hunting positively impacts local economies just like Alexandria's.

Coni McKay, executive director

Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

Alexandria, MN