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Letter - Don't miss the big thing this Thanksgiving

To the editor:

When I bow my head in prayer or when I experience gratitude in my heart, I'm glad I know to whom the "thanksgiving" should be expressed.

A lot of folks these days are all excited about holidays because it means they get time off from work, but they have no clue as to why the season is celebrated.

"The ACLU Syndrome" seems to be that all things related to God should be attended in private and that there should be no public acknowledgement of the goodness of God. They ignore the philosophy and practice of the nation's Founding Fathers. They misquote or misinterpret the nations's founding documents. They close their eyes to the Scripture and other evidences etched in marble all over Washington, D.C. With a revisionist mind-set, they dishonestly and deliberately misrepresent the heritage that has been handed to us.

Unfortunately, a lot of the churches in 2010 are so absorbed with fun and games that they have surrendered themselves to the demands of an unconverted culture. Entertainment has become the current fad. Every man does what's right in his own eyes, and God is relegated to an emergency parachute when something goes really wrong.

Well, enough is enough! It's take-back time. Let's reclaim our station and give our heartfelt testimony in recognition of the great eternal creator God who is the source and means of our salvation.

But now we approach the great national season of Thanksgiving. I'll enjoy some time off. I want to be with family. I'll enjoy some turkey and the trimmings. Those traditions are wonderful. But let's be sure that we do not miss the big thing here. Thanksgiving, personally and nationally, acknowledges the existence and reality of God. It admits that He has a place in our lives and that we are dependent on Him.

Chaplain Greg Odell,

Free Methodist Church

Alexandria, MN