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Letter - A rebuttal letter from Attorney Chris Karpan

To the editor:

Regarding Pat Manthei's October 20 paid letter to the editor, some clarification is necessary. In early July, Ms. Manthei's small dog bit a little girl on a bike twice in three days. My involvement, after reading the police reports, calling the neighbors and speaking with the deputy who handled the dog-bite call, was to mediate the matter and engineer a solution that avoided a court hearing.

This was necessary, in my opinion, due to personal difficulties Ms. Manthei was having. I called Ms. Manthei on July 19, fully aware that the conversation would not be a pleasant one. I recall every detail of the conversation. Much of it was Ms. Manthei berating law enforcement, her neighbors and, occasionally, me. I was prepared for that and spent 20 minutes trying to gently de-escalate the discussion. In the end, I told Ms. Manthei that, based in part on the reasonableness of her neighbors, she would not have to have a hearing but to please keep her dog on a leash. I never raised my voice, "ridiculed" her, or hung up on her. The next day, I sent her a follow up letter that can be seen on my website at

Chris Karpan

Douglas County Attorney