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Paid Political Letter - A competent, agressive lawyer

To the editor:

We are writing to encourage you to re-elect Chris Karpan as the Douglas County attorney. Each of us has worked under Chris's leadership as an assistant Douglas County attorney for at least three years. Some of us have been around quite a bit longer. As his employees and friends, we are proud to support Chris in his re-election efforts.

The role of the county attorney includes prosecuting criminal cases, protecting children and vulnerable adults, representing the county in civil matters, and providing legal advice to the county board. For the past 12 years, Chris has demonstrated that he is an advocate for justice, for victims, and for community values. He treats everyone, from law enforcement to opposing counsel to criminal defendants themselves, with dignity and respect. You won't find a more competent and aggressive trial lawyer anywhere.

Chris Karpan is doing a great job as your county attorney. On November 2, we hope you will vote to allow him to continue to do so.

Megan Burkhammer, Tim Hochsprung, Dan Lee and Joel Paschka,

assistant Douglas County attorneys

(A paid political letter)