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Paid Political Letter - Honest, hard working man

To the editor:

We have come to know Chris Karpan as an honest and hard working man who treats everyone fairly according to the law. He takes pride in his work and serving others and those things are important to us, too.

I drove truck for UPS for 34 years and Joyce has been working in health care in this area since 1962. Serving people is what we know. Chris worked in a paper mill in Grand Rapids to help pay for his schooling and has been serving people ever since.

We know that being the county attorney means Chris has to deal with a lot of very stressful issues in his daily work, like many people do. He carefully balances serious issues with what is right and fair, according to the law. In addition, he has the passion and joy for his work that make us proud he is our county attorney.

Join us in voting to re-elect County Attorney Chris Karpan on November 2.

Jerry and

Joyce Guenther

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)