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Paid Political Letter - Attorney Karpan saves taxpayers' money

To the editor:

Some people meet Chris Karpan through the local law enforcement or court system when there is a problem. We actually met Chris when he was on a panel speaking about crimes related to drugs and their impact on our community. Since then, we have gotten to know him better through a community leadership program. That is one of the things that we appreciate about Chris; he never stops learning or sharing his expertise with others.

In addition to dealing with issues most voters never see, he has hired and managed an excellent staff and advises all of our county departments in legal matters. As business owners in this community for the past 13 years, we value the fact that Chris saves taxpayers' money through his understanding of the law and his deep concern for justice for all citizens. Just like us, Chris chose Douglas County to raise his family and get to know and serve other families.

Join us in voting to re-elect Douglas County Attorney Chris Karpan on November 2.

Drs. Greg and Nancy Klepetka, Integrated Health Center

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)