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Letter - Thanks to those protecting our lakes

To the editor:

We are extremely fortunate to have the energetic, concerned folks who are with the Douglas County Lakes Association and all the lake associations in the county.

These folks work hard to protect our waters - our most valuable asset. They ware watchdogs for the lakes and are trying their best to keep the quality of lakes at their best.

The article in the Echo last week regarding some of the work they do was great. Many do not know all the work behind the scenes in education they do, from literature passed out in businesses throughout the county, to manning lake accesses, articles to the media and on the media and much, much more.

Credit goes especially to Bonnie Huettle and Sue Engstrom, who have worked tirelessly on lake issues for years, but we must thank all who are doing such a great job in protecting our waters.

Bev Bales,

Douglas County commissioner

Carlos, MN