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Letter - Outraged by bee massacre

To the editor:

I am outraged at the massacre of the bee swarm in Brandon! With all we are hearing about the demise of honeybees due to various factors including mites and colony collapse, why in the world would an exterminator be called to destroy what is described as a healthy swarm resting on its way to find a new home?

We need these creatures to pollinate everything we eat in the plant kingdom and many growers actually have to have hives brought to their crops in order to have adequate pollination to realize production.

The "potential" health hazards could have been avoided by people and animals staying indoors until the rest period was over and the bees could have left unharmed to continue their important job. I am so saddened to see another example of humans interfering with nature instead of living with and supporting it.

Judith Peterson

Alexandria, MN