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Letter - Law could save lives on the brink

To the editor:

I recently lost my great-nephew, Josh. He was only 19 years old. He took his own life from depression.

I feel he had reached his bottom, because he was seeking treatment. He was excited about going. On September 22, 2009, he had an appointment at a treatment center in the early afternoon. They turned him away because they said they didn't have any room. Well, later that day is when he attempted suicide and passed away on September 25.

We, the family, feel that he might still be here if he hadn't been turned down for treatment. We would like to suggest that there be a law passed that if a person goes to a treatment center on their own that they can't be turned away.

We would like people to look seriously at this. If it would save one life it would be worth it. Please write or e-mail your representatives. Thank you.

Kenny Bills

Long Prairie, MN