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Letter - Center brings back memories

To the editor:

Congratulations city of Brandon and thank you Otto Bremer Foundation for making it possible to restore the Brandon Community Center. It is good to see buildings restored instead of destroyed as what so often happens in our wasteful country.

The article in the January 6 issue of the Echo Press brought back many memories. Why should that affect me, as I have lived in Forada all my life? I was born during the Depression when there were no jobs to speak of. My father, John Weinholzer, was a bricklayer but there were no building projects going. Any job of any kind for any amount of money, even as little as $2 a day, would be accepted. But there wasn't even that. It was definitely tough times.

Then when the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was hiring for the Brandon Hall, my father was fortunate to be hired. It was a blessing even though some looked down on the workers, thinking it was a welfare situation. The hall was constructed with quality work, not quantity, a proven reason why it is still standing today.

It was not like it is today. Yes, it's true many are out of work and some truly need help due to disabilities, sickness and hardships. Yet there are some that will not work unless they get top wages or a job they went to school for. Some job is better than no job.

Thank you WPA for giving my father a job. He had enough money to buy me a Christmas present - a pair of brown artificial leather mittens with artificial fur on top. He bought them at Cowing Robards for $1. He reminded me to put the fur side on my cold cheeks to keep them warm while I walked on those cold, frosty days to country school.

Lorraine Sellgren-Davis