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Letter - Hope the thieves enjoy the lights

To the editor:

I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I had to do this for my dad and mom, Leonard and Elizabeth "Bessie" Carter. They are buried at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Alexandria. My dad has been gone since 1969 and my mom since May of this year.

The day of Mom's funeral, my cousin and I put two beautiful solar lights on their graves. Several of us family members have the same solar lights as we all wanted to use them as a way to be connected to each other and our deceased loved ones.

On August 6, I discovered that both lights had been stolen from the grave site. Having been very generous, kind people, I know my mom and dad would want their lights to be put on the thieves' parents' graves and to enjoy them immensely.

Jeanne Hines

St. Paul, MN