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Premium soybean, grain contracts available to farmers

There is a resurgence of interest by farmers in growing premium, value-added grains and oilseed crops, including special food grade soybeans for export markets in 2014, according to Bruce Abbe, executive director of the Midwest Shippers Association (MSA).

“Your 2014 planting decisions should include a visit to Midwest Shippers Association’s premium grains web portal to check out MSA’s list of ‘Grower Contracts Available’ and to learn about companies offering premium pricing for sourcing for special food grade crops,” Abbe said.

Member processing and exporting companies in MSA are offering grower contracts for production of identity preserved (IP) specialty soybeans, grains and seed crops, often above Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) prices.

MSA’s newest Grower Contracts Available listing includes initial offerings from 20 of the top identity preserved grain and soybean export companies in the U.S.

It offers a wide range of grains, including conventional, non-GMO food grade soybeans, non-GMO and food grade corn, specialty GM soybean varieties, wheat, sunflowers, flax, oats, milo, peas, seed variety production, organic crops, and high-quality traditional feed grains.

Although identity preserved production does require some additional management, it is not overly difficult, Abbe said. “Many experienced companies in this business are good at providing agronomic consulting and expertise to farmers to help them maximize production in line with today’s commodity crop yields.”

MSA is a regional cooperative trade association serving the premium oilseed and grains industry throughout the Upper Midwest, with strong representation in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota.