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Garfield family wins soybean yieldmaster award

Bruce and Shannon Wussow (middle) received their soybean award at Dairyland Seed’s Banquet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tom Strachota (left), Dairyland Seed general manager and T.J. Strachota, communications leader, presented the award. (Contributed)

Dairyland Seed recently announced the national and state winners for its annual Corn and Soybean Yieldmaster Contests.

Northern Minnesota Soybean Yieldmasters second place was awarded to Bruce and Shannon Wussow and Rodney Wussow of Garfield. They yielded 44.92 bushels per acre with DSR-1370/R2Y.

According to Tom Strachota, Dairyland Seed general manager, “American farmers raise more than a third of the world’s corn crop, as well as a third of the global soybean crop. They play a substantial role in both feeding the world and helping the U.S. economy.

“American farmers comprise roughly one-quarter percent of the U.S. population, and merely 1/100th of a percent of the world’s population,” Strachota continued. “So, the importance of American agriculture to feed the world should not be understated.”

Dairyland Seed was founded in 1907 and focuses its business on providing world-class hybrid corn, soybean and alfalfa genetics to American farmers.

Now part of Dow AgroSciences, the plant breeding efforts initiated by Dairyland have since expanded and products offered include SmartStax and Refuge Advanced.

Dairyland Seed is headquartered in West Bend, Wisconsin.