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Local youth take part in Beef Expo

Molly Maudal of Carlos is pictured here showing her beef animal at the 2013 Douglas County Fair 4-H Beef Show in August. Maudal was one of several local youth who also participated in the Minnesota Beef Expo in October. (Photo courtesy of Minnesota Extension Douglas County)

The 14th annual Minnesota Beef Expo was held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Thursday through Sunday, October 17-20.

The expo is the largest beef industry event in Minnesota, offering an opportunity for cattle producers, junior cattle enthusiasts and beef-specific agribusinesses to celebrate and promote the beef industry.

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Exhibitors and attendees from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska attended.

Events included a cattle sale, Supreme Row competition, trade show, seminars and junior events such as showmanship, judging contest, knowledge bowl and an Extreme Make-over fitting contest.

The culmination of the Expo was a junior show with 750 head of cattle competing for more than $10,000 in prize money.

For more information on the Minnesota Beef Expo and a list of complete results, e-mail or visit

Dates for next year’s expo are October 16-19.


2013 Breeding Heifers Angus Heifers May and April Calves born after April 1

Katie Kokett, Evansville, 4th

Kristen Kokett, Evansville, 5th

January Calves born Jan. 1-31

Grace Ruckheim, Parkers Prairie, 6th

Nelsen Lundebrek, Lowry, 9th

Commercial Heifers Summer Calves born after May 22

Jacob Ruckheim, Parkers Prairie, 4th

Summer Calves born May 1-5

Bobbie Jo Drum, Miltona, 8th

Connor Schlosser, Miltona, 9th

April Calves born April 10-30

RC Christensen, Miltona, 7th

April Calves born April 1-7

Hanna Ruckheim, Parkers Prairie, 6th

March Calves born March 15-21

Taylor Lundebrek, Lowry, 7th

Grace Ruckheim, Parkers Prairie, 12th

Winter calves born Jan. 1- Feb. 28

Connor Schlosser, Miltona, 6th

Foundation Simmental Heifers

Summer Calves born after May 1

Olivia Otto, Brandon, 3rd

April Calves April 1-30

Kayla Helberg, Alexandria, 5th

March Calves March 1-30

Isaac Christensen, Miltona, 4th

Winter calves born Feb. 1-28

Whitney Olson, Alexandria, 6th

Kayla Helberg, Alexandria, 9th

Ben Lundebrek, Glenwood, 11th

Simmental Heifers March calves born March 1-31

Megan Kokett, Evansville, 7th

Winter calves born Feb. 10-28

Isaac Christensen, Miltona, 6th

Alison Tvrdik, Alexandria, 7th

Winter calves born Feb. 1-9

Hanna Ruckheim, Parkers, 3rd

Robert Christensen, Carlos, 5th

Camryn Schlosser, Miltona, 7th

Winter calves born Jan. 1-26

Madalynn Otto, Brandon, 2nd

Market Beef and Prospect Results Prospect Heifers Class 1

Robert Christensen, Carlos, 3rd

Prospect Heifers Class 3

Taylor Lundebrek, Lowry, 3rd

Crossbred Prospect Steers Class 1

Megan Kokett, Evansville, 4th

Kannen Lund, Brandon, 8th

Crossbred Prospect Steers Class 2

Whitney Olson, Alexandria, 2nd

Sydney Blair, Glenwood, 9th

Crossbred Prospect Steers Class 4

Nika Blair, Glenwood, 8th

Sam Christensen, Miltona, 9th

Crossbred Prospect Steers Class 5

Kennedy Lund, Brandon, 7th

Shorthorn Heifers Summer calves born after May 1

Molly Maudal, Carlos, 3rd

Alison Tvrdik, Alexandria, 5th

March calves born March 17-26

Amanda Schmidt, Alexandria, 4th

Amanda Schmidt, Alexandria, 6th

March calves born March 1-13

Sam Christensen, Miltona, 8th

Maine Anjou Heifers

Summer calves born after May 1

Kannen Lund, Brandon, 1st

Jacob Ruckheim, Parkers Prairie, 4th

March Calves born March 1-30

Kayla Helberg, Alexandria, 6th

Kiley Lund, Brandon, 7th

Red Angus Heifers April Calves born April 1-30

Ben Lundebrek, Glenwood, 1st

Winter calves born March 1-31

Ben Lundebrek, Glenwood, 1st

The Minnesota Youth Beef Experience Program awarded 10 heifer calves to FFA and 4-H youth from a pool of more than 75 applicants. Each winner is responsible for raising, breeding and maintaining records on care of the animal while providing monthly progress reports to the original owner and the Minnesota Beef Expo. The breeders who donated heifers will serve as mentors to the winners. Nelsen Lundebrek of Lowry was a winner. He received an Angus heifer sponsored by Mitteness Family Angus of Benson, with the Minnesota Angus Association.