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Ag department's YouTube videos highlight organic farming

Organic or natural? When it comes to food labels, there is a difference - although the majority of consumers apparently don't know it. To help cut down on the confusion, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has created a series of six short YouTube videos that explain organic labeling.

According to the National Organic Program (NOP), about two-thirds of American consumers are confused about what organic means. MDA organic specialist Meg Moynihan says while organic labeling can be complex, consumers deserve to understand these labels so they know they're getting what they want - and what they're paying for.

"We created this video series to help consumers read and interpret organic claims," said Moynihan. "Food manufacturers use all kinds of terms to influence buyers. A product labeled "100 percent natural" may still contain additives or preservatives. In contrast, "organic" is a highly regulated claim. These products must meet federal organic requirements and the farms and food companies that produce them must be inspected by a USDA-approved agency."

The series is posted on MDA's YouTube channel at