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Get your state fair projects ready

The state’s best in art, education and agriculture will be on display at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair, Thursday, August 21 through Labor Day, September 1.

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Winning exhibitors will be awarded ribbons, trophies and nearly $1.3 million in total cash prizes.

For complete prize lists and information on how to enter Minnesota State Fair competitions, visit; e-mail; or call (651) 288-4417.

Deadlines for entering Minnesota State Fair competitions are as follows:

Horses: July 21 (mail entries); August 8 (online entries).

Beef and Dairy Cattle (Open Class and FFA): July 28 (mail entries); August 4 (online entries).

Poultry (chickens, waterfowl, turkeys and pigeons): July 30.

Rabbits: July 30.

State Fair Rural Youth Scholarship: August 1.

Dairy and Boer Goats: August 4.

Llamas: August 4.

Market Goats (FFA): August 4.

Sheep (Open Class and FFA): August 4.

Stock Dogs: August 4.

Swine (Open Class and FFA): August 4.

Creative Activities (baked and canned goods online registration): August 5.

Creative Activities (non-baked/canned goods entries): Visit for delivery information.

Education (K-12 projects) (online registration): August 5. Visit for delivery information.

Christmas Trees: August 6.

Judging Contests (FFA): August 6.

Crop Art and Scarecrow: August 8.

Crops (FFA): August 8.

Farm Crops: August 8.

Flowers: August 11.

Fruits: August 11.

Bee and Honey Culture: August 11.

Vegetables and Potatoes: August 11.

Wine: August 11.

Agriculture Technology (FFA): August 17.

Safe Tractor Operators Contest (FFA): August 18.

New Corn: August 28.