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4-H members 'Share the Fun'

4-H members from Douglas County participated in the annual Share-the-Fun program at Osakis Public Schools Auditorium on Sunday, April 15.

The Douglas County 4-H Share-the-Fun program is a talent and skit event involving all ages of youth ages kindergarten through one year post high school. Share-the-Fun is an opportunity for 4-H members to get onstage and "share the fun" with other 4-H members.

This event allows youth to discover and develop their talents whether it is performing on stage or working behind the scenes.

The results for the club skit portion of the program are as follows:

* 1st place skit, State Fair Trip, Carlos Happy Helpers, "Are You Smarter than a 4-Her."

* 2nd place skit, State Fair Trip, GoBees, "A Night at the Fairgrounds."

* Most Original, Fancy Farmers, "The Giving Tree."

* Most Entertaining, Carlos Happy Helpers, "Are you Smarter than a 4-Her."

* Best Costume, GoBees, "A Night at the Fairgrounds."

* Best 4-H Theme, Liberty Livewires, "Magic Happens at the Douglas County Fair."

* Also performing their skit "Dynamite" and receiving an Award of Excellence was the Lucky Star 4-H Club.

The results for the talent portion of the program are as follows:

* 1st place talent, Samantha Hope, Creative Speech, Carlos Happy Helpers, Miltona.

* 2nd place talent, Eric Branch, Violin Solo, GoBees, Alexandria.

* 3rd place talent, Alexis Kokett and Kendra Sukke, piano duet, Liberty Livewires, Alexandria and Carlos.

* In addition, performing for the talent portion were Megan Holl and Paige Stark, vocal duet, Working Wonders, Kensington.

* Rebecca Mateer, piano solo, GoBees, Alexandria.

* Kimberly Snell, piano solo, GoBees, Alexandria.

* Molly Maudal, piano solo, Liberty Livewires, Carlos.

* Nathan Saulsbury, dance solo, Working Wonders, Kensington.

* Emma Saulsbury, vocal solo, Working Wonders, Kensington.

* Lexi Klimek, piano solo, Lucky Star, Alexandria.