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Douglas County 4-H'ers compete in State Project Bowl

Seven teams from Douglas County attended the State 4-H Project Bowl competition April 18 in Foley.

Patterned after the television show, College Bowl, it challenges teams of three to six youth in their knowledge of certain 4-H project areas. Currently there are seven different categories - dairy, dog, general livestock, shooting sports/wildlife, horse, poultry and rabbit.

There are five Regional Bowls, followed by the State Bowl. For each bowl there are two divisions - junior and senior. Junior teams are comprised of 4-H'ers in grades 3-8 and senior teams are comprised of members in grades 4 through 4-H graduation.

Regional winners advance to the State Bowl and state winners in dairy, general livestock, horse and poultry go on to national contests.

Following are the state results:

Senior Rabbit I: Grand Champion - the team of Anna Wagner and Daniel Wagner, Moe, Brandon; Darren Radil, Lake Mary Troopers, Alexandria; Nicole Egenes, Chippewans, Alexandria.

Junior Horse: Grand Champions - the team of Jenna Hedstrom, Hoofbeats, Alexandria; Angela Bowman, Fancy Farmers, Osakis; Samantha Schlosser, Chippewans, Alexandria; Paige Gabrielson, Hoofbeats, Alexandria.

Junior Poultry II: 4th place - the team of Ethan Way, Chippewans, Evansville; Jordan Lund, Moe, Evansville; Riley Terhaar and Jared Sorenson of Pope County.

Junior Poultry I: 6th place - the team of Ariel Way and Megen Way, Chippewans, Garfield; Molly Schouweiler and Gabby Way, Chippewans, Alexandria.

Senior General Livestock: 6th place - the team of Jared Sanborn, Liberty Livewires, Alexandria; Jodee Oelke and John Oelke, Runestone, Barrett; Heather Huwe, Lake Mary Troopers, Alexandria.

Senior Rabbit II: 7th place - the team of Bailey Morris and Jordin Otto, Brandon Happy Knoll, Brandon; Brittany Torgrimson and Kendra Torgrimson, Chippewans, Carlos.

Junior Rabbit: 8th place - the team of Brittany Mattocks and Daykota Blowers, Brandon Happy Knoll, Brandon; Megan Egenes and Kayla Parent, Chippewans, Alexandria.

The teams are coached by parents and adult volunteers.