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4-H winners named in clothing, performing arts and quilting categories

The 2008 Douglas County 4-H Clothing and Textiles Day and Fashion Review were held Thursday, July 31 at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria. Performing arts judging was also part of the event.

The theme for the public style show was "Fashion in the Jungle!" with 59 outfits modeled by area 4-H members. 4-H summer assistant, Alicia Lund, served as emcee. Narrators were Meg Hintzen, Becca Fenlason Cody Lund and Jodee Oelke.

The Fashion Review Program consists of two components - Clothes You Make and Clothes You Buy. The program gives 4-H'ers the opportunity to:

• develop skills in planning, selecting and making becoming clothing.

• select suitable accessories and model with confidence a garment made to meet one's wardrobe needs.

• build self-confidence and poise.

• develop good posture and grooming habits.

• practice leadership skills and roles, take part in community affairs and demonstrate citizenship responsibility.

• explore career opportunities in the fashion industry.

Fashion Review Court of Honor winners were presented with medallions.

Clothes You Buy

Following are the results of the Clothes You Buy category.

Grades 3-5: Champion - Katelyn Kokett, Moe. Reserve - William Schroeder, Moe. Honorable Mention - Kimberly Snell, GoBees; Jack Schouweiler, Chippewans; Whitney Olson, Lucky Star.

Grades 6-8: Champion - Amanda Bigger, Independent. Reserve - Ashley Larson, Lucky Star. Honorable Mention - Jessa Kokett, Ashley Fults and Alexis Kokett, all of Moe.

Grade 9 and above: Champion - Meg Hintzen, Liberty Livewires. Reserve - Meg Hintzen, Liberty Livewires. Honorable Mention - Anna Wagner, Moe; Candace Kallevig, Victoria Vikings.

Overall Champion: Meg Hintzen.

Court of Honor: Kylee Fernholz, Amber Oberg and Jodee Oelke of Runestone; Samantha Hoppe, Spruce Hill Rangers; Anna Wagner and Ashley Fults, Moe; Kimberly Snell, GoBees; and Lauren Engebretson, Chippewans.

Overall Court of Honor Champion: Kylee Fernholz.

4-H Choice Awards: Grades 3-5 - Paige Gabrielson, Hoofbeats; grades 6-8 - Jackie Oelke, Runestone; Grades 9 and up - Candace Kallevig, Victoria Vikings.

Clothes You Make

Following are the results of the Clothes You Make category.

Grades 3-5: Champion - Tyra Johnson, Carlos Happy Helpers. Reserve - Samantha Hoppe, Spruce Hill Rangers. Honorable Mention - Jordan Lund and William Schroeder, Moe; Jack Schouweiler, Chippewans.

Grades 6-8: Champion - Alexis Kokett, Moe. Reserve - Jackie Oelke, Runestone. Honorable Mention - Lauren Engebretson and Molly Schouweiler, Chippewans; Amanda Bigger, Independent.

Grade 9 and above: Champion - Jodee Oelke, Runestone. Reserve - Candace Kallevig, Runestone.

Overall Champion: Jodee Oelke.

Court of Honor: Jodee Oelke and Jackie Oelke, Runestone; Candace Kallevig, Victoria Vikings; Molly Schouweiler and Jack Schouweiler, Chippewans; Alexis Kokett and Jordan Lund, Moe; Amanda Bigger, Independent.

Overall Court of Honor Champion: Jodee Oelke.

4-H Choice Awards: Grades 3-5 - Amanda Bigger, Voyager Explorers; grades 6-8 - Amanda Bigger, Independent; grades 9 and up - Jodee Oelke, Runestone and Candace Kallevig, Victoria Vikings.


Grand Champion - Jodee Oelke, Runestone. Reserve - Jackie Oelke, Runestone. Honorable Mention - Alexis Kokett, Moe; Toni Wright, Urness; Taylor Saulsbury, Working Wonders.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts projects were judged during the public Fashion Review and added entertainment to the evening. Participants included:

Mark Kallevig, GoBees - piano solo; Kayla Parent, Chippewans - violin solo; Christopher Thompson, Victoria Vikings - keyboard solo; Cody Lund, Moe - banjo solo; Jessica Thompson, Victoria Vikings - storytelling; Samantha Hoppe, Spruce Hill Rangers - vocal solo; Candace Kallevig, Victoria Vikings - piano solo; Cassandra Larkins - poetry reading.

Results of the performing arts judging are as follows:

Grand Champion - Cody Lund, Moe. Reserve - Candace Kallevig, Victoria Vikings. Honorable Mention - Cassandra Larkin, Victoria Vikings.

Gifts, gift certificates and plaques for all champions were sponsored by area businesses and individuals.

The public is invited to view these 4-H exhibits and others at the Douglas Fair August 14-17.