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Minnesota milk supports farm bill provision

In a conference call this week, the leadership at Minnesota Milk Producers Association voted unanimously to support a six-month window between the deadline for making the annual sign-up decision and the beginning of a coverage period for any margin insurance program to be included in the farm bill.

The meeting and decision were a result of information provided by John Newton, Cameron Thraen, Marin Bozic, Mark Stephenson, Christopher Wolf and Brian Gould.

The information was recently submitted in a briefing paper entitled, "Goodlatte-Scott vs. the Dairy Security Act: Shared Potential, Shared Concerns and Open Questions." The direct proposal Minnesota Milk is supporting is outlined at the bottom of Page 13.

"An insurance plan is there to help us with potential risk and should not be used as a tool to make money," said Greg Jans, chair of Minnesota Milk's policy committee and producer from Grove City. "That's why Minnesota Milk supports the sign-up period in March with coverage effective in October.

The leadership at Minnesota Milk will meet with congressional delegates to encourage the inclusion of this proposal in any margin insurance program included in the farm bill.