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State fair results for Douglas County 4-H members

Beef Summer Yearling Purple.1 / 2
Breeding Geese Champion.2 / 2

4-H at the Minnesota State Fair is not just a fun annual event. Every summer, thousands of 4-H youth participate in the state fair to showcase the knowledge and skills they've gained throughout the year, and to continue their learning experience. More than 130 of those 4-H exhibits were from Douglas County.

4-H youth spend months working on projects designed to equip them with essential life skills such as problem solving, decision making, project management, communications and public speaking. 4-H'ers then share their accomplishments and educate the public about their subject at the county fair. Those who demonstrate the highest achievements are then selected to participated in 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair.

At both county and state fairs, 4-H'ers meet one-to-one to have their projects evaluated, discuss what they've learned, and identify future learning opportunities. 4-H'ers also lead visitors on tours of the 4-H building and barns and conduct workshops and hands-on demonstrations for the public. 4-H at the Minnesota State fair not only makes great memories, it helps 4-H youth grow into successful adults.

The following is a list of 4-H'ers who participated in the Minnesota State Fair:

Alexandria: Colin Barten, Go Bees, share the fun (participation); Emily Barten, Go Bees, share the fun (participation); Natalie Barten, Go Bees, food and nutrition (blue), share the fun (participation); Carl Branch, Go Bees, plant and soil science (blue) illustration presentation (blue), share the fun (participation); Eric Branch, Go Bees, vegetable gardening (purple) illustrated presentation (blue), share the fun (participation); Joseph Brezina, Lucky Star, tractor (red); Joshua Brezina, Lucky Star, computer (blue); Ramsey Burss, Chippewans, photography (blue); Sarah Dreger, Spruce Hill Rangers, needle arts (red); Shelby Ebacher, Go Bees, club community pride (blue), share the fun (participation); Kayla Egenes, Chippewans, market goat showmanship (blue), market goat (blue); Megan Egenes, Chippewans, market goat (grand champion), market goat showmanship (blue); Lindsey Erickson, Chippewans, child and family development (blue); Madison Floden, Hoofbeats, satin sr. buck (blue), rabbit judging (participation), rabbit interview finalist, 4th place rabbit showmanship; Karyn Gess, Lucky Star, photography (blue); Benjamin Haglin, Lake Mary Troopers, wildlife biology (blue); Heather Johnson, LaGrande Champions, breeding geese (reserve champion); Renee Johnson, LaGrande Champions, market geese (reserve champion); Blake Johnston, Chippewans, barrow (blue); Chris Jorud, Spruce Hill Rangers, meat breeding doe goat (blue), goat showmanship (blue); Kade Jorud, Spruce Hill Rangers, computer (blue); Mark Kallevig, Independent, shop (blue); Katie Kent, Go Bees, food and nutrition (blue), share the fun (participation); Zachary Kent, Go Bees, share the fun (participation); Lexi Klimek, Lucky Star, share the fun (participation); Alexis Kokett, Liberty Livewires, beef junior yearling (blue); Dustin Koudela, Lake Mary Troopers, small grain and legumes (blue); Makenna Lamb, Lucky Star, shop (blue); Heidi Larson, Lucky Star, breeding yearling doe (blue), goat showmanship (blue); Jordan Massmann, Lucky Star, junior doe kid (blue), dairy goat showmanship (blue); Rebecca Mateer, Go Bees, fine arts (blue), share the fun (participation); William Mateer, Go Bees, exploring animals (blue), share the fun (participation); Ashley O'Brien, Lucky Star, fishing sports (blue); Whitney Olson, Lucky Star, market gilt (red); Tatum Piere-Fernholz, Runestone, jersey junior yearling (blue); Darren Radil, Lake Mary Troopers, New Zealand senior doe rabbit (blue), demonstration (blue); CJ Schlosser, Lucky Star, aerospace (blue); Samantha Schlosser, Chippewans, food and nutrition (blue); Amanda Schmidt, Chippewans, barrow (blue); Jack Schouweiler, Chippewans, aerospace (blue); Molly Schouweiler, Chippewans, doe satin (blue), rabbit interview finalist; Kimberly Snell, Go Bees, consumer education (blue); Mackenzie (Kenzie) Stark, Chippewans, forest resources (blue); Alison Tvrdik, Lake Mary Troopers, beef steer (red); Wyatt Wittenburg, Go Bees, potatoes (blue).

Brandon: Cody Lund, Moe, market goat (blue), goat showmanship (blue); Jordan Lund, Moe, junior doe kid (blue), dairy goat showmanship (red); Kannen Lund, Moe, Holstein junior yearling (red); Kennedy Lund, Moe, Holland lop (blue); Michelle Lund, Moe, ewe lamb (blue), breeding ewe showmanship (participation); Anna Lundeen, Urness, performing arts (blue); Moe 4-H Club, club banner (purple); Jenna Otto, Hoofbeats, yearling ewe lamb (blue), breeding ewe showmanship (participation); Daniel Schaffer, Moses and Aaron, breeding gilt (red); Patrick Schaffer, Moses and Aaron, beef spring calf (blue); William Schroeder, Moe, market lamb (blue); Jonathon Thoennes, Moe, dry yearling doe (blue), goat showmanship (blue).

Carlos: Logan Cronquist, Carlos Happy Helpers, share the fun (participation); Molly Maudal, Liberty Livewires, barrow (blue); Jordan Nissen, Liberty Livewires, aerospace (blue); Francesca Palmer, Spruce Hill Rangers, chickens egg production (blue); Gabrielle Palmer, Spruce Hill Rangers, market pen ducks (blue); Dillon Schauff, Liberty Livewires, market gilt (red); Kendra Sukke, Liberty Livewires, senior buck Netherland dwarf (blue); Grant Yohnke, Spruce Hill Rangers, January breeding gilt (purple).

Evansville: Greg Baker, Moe, bicycle (purple); Katie Baker, Moe, veterinary science (blue); Adam Fenlason, Urness, sr. buck mini lop (purple), safety (blue); Katie Kokett, Moe, beef senior yearling (blue); Megan Kokett, Moe, beef fall calf (purple); Chase Schmidt, Urness, egg production chickens (champion); Ethan Way, Chippewans, market goat (blue), market goat showmanship (blue); Michael Way, Chippewans, performing arts (blue).

Garfield: Brindy Boelens, Moe, self determined (blue); O'Ryan Bosek, Chippewans, barrow (blue); Ariel Way, Chippewans, dry yearling doe (blue), dairy goat showmanship (blue); Gabrielle Way, Chippewans, egg production chickens (blue), poultry interview finalist.

Kensington: Alec Bollman, Runestone, robotics (blue); Taylor Bollman, Runestone, bantam breeding pen chickens (blue); Megan Holl, Working Wonders, winter calf (blue), food preservation (blue); Tiffany Holl, Working Wonders, milking shorthorn (red); Tyler Holl, Working Wonders, food preservation (blue); Zachary Holl, Working Wonders, milking shorthorn 3-year-old cow (reserve champion); Christine Johnson, Lake Mary Troopers, needle arts (purple); Brady Sabolik, Runestone, Holstein winter calf (blue); Danna Sabolik, Runestone, Holstein fall calf (red), dairy interview finalist; Kiersten Sabolik, Runestone, 2-year-old crossbred (red); Bennett Schuneman, Lake Mary Troopers, self determined (purple); Erik Zinke, Working Wonders, health (red).

Miltona: Isaac Christensen, Spruce Hill Rangers, black angus steer (red); Samantha Christensen, Spruce Hill Rangers, self determined (red); Bobby Hoppe, Carlos Happy Helpers, junior buck mini rex (red), share the fun (participation); Joey Hoppe, Carlos Happy Helpers, share the fun (participation); Samantha Hoppe, Carlos Happy Helpers, breeding gilt (red), share the fun (participation); Michael Kalpin, Happy Go Lucky, spring calf (white), breeding heifer showmanship (participation); Mitchell Kalpin, Happy Go Lucky, mini rex (red); Connor Schlosser, Carlos Happy Helpers, beef summer yearling (blue), share the fun (participation); Ethan Schlosser, County Line Ramblers, breeding chickens (blue); Katelyn Schlosser, Carlos Happy Helpers, market chickens (blue), share the fun (participation); Daniel Townsend, Carlos Happy Helpers, share the fun (participation); Megan Townsend, Carlos Happy Helpers, share the fun (participation); Ashley Vogt, Carlos Happy Helpers, share the fun (participation); Dillon Vogt, Carlos Happy Helpers, wildlife biology (blue), share the fun (participation); Elizabeth Vogt, Carlos Happy Helpers, share the fun (participation).

Nelson: Jaden Klimek, Fancy Farmers, share the fun (participation); Liberty Livewires 4-H Club, club banner (blue).

Osakis: Julianna Collins, Fancy Farmers, share the fun (participation); Madelyn Collins, Fancy Farmers, share the fun (participation); Chelsea Drown, Liberty Livewires, barrow (Blue); Melissa Drown, Liberty Livewires, market lamb (red), lamb lead (participation), market lamb senior showmanship (participation); Stephanie Drown, Liberty Livewires, barrow (red); Morgan Faber, Fancy Farmers, market lamb (purple), market lamb showmanship (reserve champion), state fair auction participant; Katelyn Kotek, Fancy Farmers, share the fun (participation); Alison Kraemer, Fancy Farmers, share the fun (participation); Shane Massmann, Liberty Livewires, senior doe rex (blue), crafts (blue), rabbit interview finalist; Riley Mounsdon, Liberty Livewires, fishing sports (red); Emelia (Moli) Sorensen, Fancy Farmers, shooting sports (blue), share the fun (participation); Jesse Sorensen, Fancy Farmers, share the fun (participation).

Parkers Prairie: Kevin Bunde, Spruce Hill Rangers, breeding gilt (blue); Mason Nibbe, Moses and Aaron, egg production chickens (blue); Kyle Olson, Spruce Hill Rangers, Hampshire breeding gilt (reserve champion); Garret Wehking, Spruce Hill Rangers, photography (red).

Villard: Katherine Backowski, Lucky Star, Holstein winter calf (blue); Matthew Backowski, Lucky Star, Holstein winter calf (blue).

Douglas County was also represented by Ariel Way and Molly Schouweiler as MN 4-H State Ambassadors and Patrick Wagner as a cast member of MN 4-H State Arts In.

4-H is the largest youth development program in the U.S. Youth in grades K through one year post high school are eligible to join.

For more information, contact the University of Minnesota Extension, Douglas County at (320) 762-3890 or