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Women need to make their own choices

To the editor:

I recently saw a video of a young woman, Jessica Rey, talking about the negative effects of women wearing bikinis. Her main issue was that showing too much skin could trigger men to act badly. She also commented that the women’s lib movement sees the bikini as “power” for women. Her take-away was that causing men to act badly was hardly the kind of power that women need.

Human beings are responsible for their own behavior. Men are responsible for the thoughts they think and the actions that follow those thoughts and need to be held accountable for the same.

A woman I know well spent most of her adult life trying to placate the bad behavior of her husband. Believe me, it does not work. Diminishing one’s self out of concern over another’s actions only leads to depression, anger and bitterness, to say nothing of the Big Ugly. The Big Ugly is this: You have diminished yourself!

Regarding women’s power, let me say this: Power doesn’t come because you wear a bikini, a one-piece or go completely nude. Power comes because you make your own choices for your own reasons. Ladies, I affirm your right to make your own choices.