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Wind makes for tougher deer opener

Opening morning of deer hunting is often the best few hours of the firearms season, but the best is likely still to come after some tough conditions this past weekend.

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Hunters woke up to winds gusting to more than 35 miles per hour on Saturday before things calmed down a little bit on Sunday. Deer tend to not move as much in windy conditions because it takes away one of their primary senses, hearing.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources hadn’t released any statewide numbers by Monday afternoon, but the deer taken over the opening weekend might be limited when those numbers are released, primarily because of the weather.

“Talking to guys, the reports for Saturday, unless you were in the woods and in deep cover, nothing was moving,” Osakis General Store manager Jed Fiskness said. “Then on Sunday, the deer were moving all over the place.”

Fiskness said the General Store does not register many deer anymore with hunters having the option to register their kills online and on the phone. Dick Gustafson of Christopherson Bait added that they did see some deer come through for registration but that they weren’t kept busy with it over the weekend.

Along with the wind, corn still standing in the fields was also an issue in certain parts of the area.

“Definitely,” Fiskness said. “Around Osakis, they did manage to get most of it out, but probably the number two complaint after the wind that I heard was all the corn left in the field.”

What it means for hunters is that the best time to be in the woods might still be coming. Temperatures were predicted to warm up into the low 40s by today, Wednesday, and the winds were forecasted to die down to between 5-10 miles per hour starting on Thursday. That, coupled with more and more corn getting taken out of the fields, could mean good things for hunters who are able to get into the woods through the weekend.

“I would say we have not seen the best hunting of the year,” Fiskness said. “It’s going to keep getting better as we get late into the season as long as the weather behaves.”

Eric Morken

Eric Morken is the sports and outdoor editor at the Echo Press and Osakis Review newspapers in Douglas County, MN. Follow him on Twitter at echo_sports.

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