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‘Why didn’t cell phone ring’ prompts response

To the editor:

Although reluctant to publicly confront an individual when a private approach is available, I cannot avoid a comment on the “Why didn’t my cell phone ring?” question from David Galbraith that appeared in this paper on March 14.

Last summer our son felt fortunate to secure a position working for Mr. Galbraith as part of his new venture, Blue Smoke BBQ. He appreciated the opportunity of employment, was proud of the restaurant and promoted it enthusiastically. It was with great disappointment that he texted his mother and me during our vacation with… “My job at Blue Smoke just went up in smoke!”

Since the fire, both my son and I have tried unsuccessfully to contact Mr. Galbraith regarding outstanding issues related to our son’s work at Blue Smoke BBQ. During the four months following the fire, I made multiple calls to his cell phone and left numerous voice mail messages. It was when Mr. Galbraith’s voice mail filled up and refused to accept new messages that we began to appreciate the true improbability of our ever speaking with Mr. Galbraith.

This is why the question, “Why didn’t my cell phone ring?” really sounds a bit hypocritical.

Given our personal experience, I respect the position faced by the city of Alexandria and applaud it for the action it took in publicly asking Mr. Galbraith to do the right thing regarding his derelict building on 3rd Avenue.

I certainly agree with David Galbraith on one aspect of his comments in the paper. There is a genuine appreciation in town for the outstanding BBQ Blue Smoke created. I was a real fan!

I was sincerely disappointed for his setback and hope that he finds a way to continue being a success in our community. I just can’t condone it coming at the expense of the reputation of our consistently fair and hard-working city representatives.