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Where is war on drugs to stop heroin imports?

To the editor:

Heroin has made a comeback. Oddly enough, that has happened since we have been in Afghanistan. Why? Is our law enforcement that ineffective? Are our legislators paying more attention to reelections, pay raises and lobbyists? Is there no enforceable plan to stop the terrible destruction caused by the use of this drug?

Where is the war on drugs? Do more people of power need to lose loved ones to this?

Where does heroin come from? How is it that the media never tells us that 90 percent or more of the heroin found on our streets and in the arms of our dead young people comes from Afghanistan - the very place where our soldiers are dying to keep Afghanis free! No wonder the tribal leaders of Afghanistan want us to stay there and die there while they continue to profit from the “export” of this deadly drug.

To believe the federal government doesn’t know about heroin coming from Afghanistan is ludicrous. They’ve had boots on the ground and eyes in the sky for over 10 years. This tells me that the American people - soldiers and civilians - are collateral damage, again, to a foreign policy gone astray.