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What’s not to like?

To the editor:

In the April 18 Echo article “Republicans find little to like in session so far,” local legislators said “they’re being left out” and Senator Ingebrigtsen said he’d “have a hard time giving the session a ‘D’.”

Let’s see:

• Governor Dayton and the Legislature enacted $508 million in tax cuts to benefit over 1.2 million middle class Minnesotans and thousands of Minnesota businesses.

• They passed a bill to provide funds to Minnesotans needing heating assistance.

• They passed the first minimum wage increase in a decade, raising the wage from $6.15 to $9.50. This means better wages for nearly 357,000 Minnesotans and an additional $472 million in increased consumer spending.

• They passed the Safe and Supportive Schools Act to define bullying, provide school districts support in adopting clear, enforceable anti-bullying policies, require school districts to track and investigate bullying cases and require better staff and teacher training.

• They are working to pass the Women’s Economic Security Act to expand family leave and accommodate pregnant and nursing employees, expand affordable child care and take steps to reduce the gender pay gap.

• Governor Dayton worked to launch the largest travel marketing campaign in state history to promote Minnesota as a one-of-a-kind Midwest travel destination.

• Governor Dayton, with the state’s new Office of Broadband Development, is pushing additional funding to expand access to high-speed broadband across Minnesota.

• Governor Dayton has proposed a bonding bill that will create more than 27,000 good jobs by investing in critical infrastructure needs, such as regional business centers, colleges and universities, airports, roads, bridges and housing.

Since 2011, Minnesota has gained more than 149,000 new jobs. Minnesota has the fifth-fastest growing economy in the U.S.

Thank you, Governor Dayton and the DFL Legislature. I look at this session and ask, “What’s not to like?”