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After students leave Jefferson High School this week, the building’s contents will also be on their way out. Lockers, bleachers, furniture and other items will be reused, repurposed or sold. (Echo Press photo by Amy Chaffins)

What will be done with all the stuff at Jefferson High School?

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What will be done with all the stuff at Jefferson High School?
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This summer, the contents of Jefferson High School (JHS) will be reused, repurposed or sold.

Stuff like lockers, bleachers and furniture will go to new homes… maybe yours.

As the finishing touches are put on the new Alexandria Area High School (AAHS), the Echo Press asked what will be done with the stuff at JHS?


Many technology components will make the move from JHS to AAHS.

District 206 Superintendent Rick Lahn said, “A lot of our SMART Boards and the technology pieces that we put a lot of money into will move right over and be installed in the new high school.”

He said some scoreboards have already been taken over to AAHS, but the majority of items will be moved from JHS to the new high school beginning June 23.


There’s still a lot of furniture at JHS that’s in very good condition, Lahn said.

“We have utilization for that furniture and equipment at other buildings across the district,” he said.

Staff will also try to repurpose some of the JHS lockers in other buildings where they’re short of lockers.

School principals and administrators will have the opportunity this summer to go through JHS and pick and choose items that can be used in their schools and buildings across the district.

Things like desks from JHS won’t be moved to AAHS.

“We’re going with a different style of furniture there to support ways students will learn and teachers will teach – furniture that can be moved in flexible spaces and groupings,” Lahn said.


Items that are not being used in the new high school, or buildings district-wide, will be sold in an online auction this summer.

The district will use for its online auction service. The auction is expected to begin the last week of July or the first week of August. Exact dates will be announced later and there will likely be an opportunity for prospective buyers to walk through the school and get an in-person look at items that will go up for bid.

“We’ll sell anything that has value that we can’t use,” Lahn said. “We believe the online auction service is going to be a really positive way of getting rid of the items we can’t use.”

Money raised through the auction will go back into the district’s general fund.

“Anything that we don’t sell on the online auction, that doesn’t have value or utilization to us, will remain with the building,” Lahn said.

Since June of 2011, Brent and Sally Smith of Alexandria have had a purchase agreement with Alexandria School District 206 to buy the JHS property for $2 million.


What about those cardinal-red lockers at Jefferson High School? Some people have reportedly expressed interest in wanting to buy “their” locker for nostalgic reasons.

District 206 Superintendent Rick Lahn explained, “The lockers look really nice from the outside, but it’s important to remember that they’re 50 years old. When you take them off the wall and move them and you pull the backs off, I think they’re not going to be in nearly as good of shape that people think they are.”

The lockers that are in useable condition will be reused at other district buildings, Lahn said. “We believe the online auction service is going to be a really positive way of getting rid of the items we can’t use.”

Amy Chaffins
Amy Chaffins is a journalist working for the Echo Press newspaper in Alexandria, Minnesota.
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