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What makes a good leader?

To the editor:

We write today to offer our sincere support for Greg Windhurst’s candidacy for Douglas County sheriff. As longtime residents of the county, we feel strongly about this race and encourage our fellow residents to look carefully at the candidates before making a decision. After our thorough review of the alternatives, we are enthusiastically supporting Greg.

We respect the job that has been done for the past eight years by the incumbent, but believe that the office could be improved with a change in leadership.

Greg is a proven leader, and his many years of experience with the sheriff’s office as a sergeant speak volumes. He has lengthy leadership experience, substantial budgeting and financial management, and a thorough understanding of all aspects of sheriff’s office operations. Greg is ready to lead the office in a new direction without needing to learn how the office operates.

It is important that we also mention our trust in Greg as a person. Credentials on paper don’t make someone a good leader – they must also demonstrate a strong sense of professionalism and dedication. Greg has consistently done so, and we have every confidence that he will continue to do so once he is elected sheriff.

(A paid political letter)