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What to know for enrollment through MNsure

With a new round of deadlines having passed for the Saturday, February 1 health plan coverage through MNsure, the organization addressed a few frequently asked questions.

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1. If I didn’t enroll in time for Saturday, February 1 coverage, what are my options?

While the deadline for Saturday, February 1 coverage was Wednesday, January 15, the MNsure open enrollment period will continue through Monday, March 31.

Enrollment and payment for Saturday, March 1 coverage must occur by Saturday, February 15, and enrollment and payment for Tuesday, April 1 coverage must occur by Monday, March 15.

Those who enroll after Monday, March 15 and before the end of open enrollment on Monday, March 31 will have coverage effective Thursday, May 1.

Those who do not enroll and do not have health insurance coverage through another source face potential tax penalties under the federal Affordable Care Act. Any Minnesotans seeking better and more affordable health insurance are invited to check out the options at

2. What are the deadlines for those who qualify for Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare?

The Wednesday, January 15 deadline did not apply to Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare. For Medical Assistance, individuals will be covered for the entire month in which they apply.

For MinnesotaCare, individuals will have until Friday, January 31 to apply for coverage effective Saturday, February 1. Premium invoices for MinnesotaCare are still delayed. Once the MinnesotaCare premium bill is received, the client should pay it as soon as possible.

3. What are my options for making the first payment?

Customers are strongly encouraged to pay online on the same MNsure marketplace where they select and enroll in coverage.

Online payment can be done by credit card or another form of electronic payment such as an e-check, debit card or electronic transfer from a bank account.

As an alternative, customers can make offline payments in person at the Minnesota Department of Human Services Cashier’s Office, 540 Cedar Street, St. Paul, MN 55155. It accepts check, money order, and cash payments with invoice. Include MNsure ID on the check.