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What kind of mansion is being built?

To the editor:

Below is a letter sent to Senators Ingebrigtsen and Westrom in regards to the proposed new senate office building in St. Paul. I received a response from one of them and he stated this is being pushed totally by the DFL. It amazes me that we can spend $75 million for a high school (that’s about $75,000 per student) and it takes at least $77 million to house 45 senators (that’s about $1.7 million per senator). How can anyone in their right mind support this?


This push for a new building to house 45 senators is absurd. To spend $77 to $90 million for a new building for senates offices is way out of line.

First of all, we only have 67 senators and they currently have offices at the Capitol, which seem to have been doing the job in the past. So, if those offices are being taken away, did anyone ask why

If I remember correctly, we built a Capitol building to house our government officials and last month when I drove through St. Paul, it was still there.

Here in Alexandria we are about to open a new high school that will accommodate over 1,000 students plus teachers and staff, and that is being built for $75 million.

What kind of mansion are you building? I read in the Star Tribune today that United Health Care is building a complex in Eden Prairie that will accommodate 6,700 people and will cost $250 million.

This entire plan needs to go back to the drawing board. If the senate thinks they have all this money to throw away, why not send some up here to help fix our roads?