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We end up importing labor to do necessary work

To the editor:

With Alexandria being a tech school center, the wages of the guy putting in your furnace or toilet should also be reported. All the people turning a screwdriver or leaning on a wrench do pretty well and they don’t have to call someone to clear a plugged sink like a lot of the “educated” people do. All the auto mechanics make a good living servicing the complex machines that are out there, as well as the computer techs and more.

When you refer to someone as having “only” a high school education, remember that tow truck driver or the custodian that makes your job easier. The education machine has emphasized their role to the point that the poor uneducated person sees themselves as losers and we end up importing labor to do necessary labor that previous generations were proud to do.

I think we all know of “educated” people who can’t function without some manual with guidelines detailing their duties and then we know of others that just make it happen.

My working days are over, but college used to be a progression for students who had a little extra on the ball and were willing to develop it. I took some college classes and a lot of the students had to take remedial training just to enter.

So, perhaps opening the doors to everyone makes the education machine bigger and more influential. And it becomes acceptable for editorial pages to talk down to “uneducated” workers. Like the ones who deliver their papers and clean their offices.