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Want a faster tax refund? Choose direct deposit

Tired of waiting for your income tax paper refund check to arrive in the mail? Choose direct deposit instead.

You can choose to have your tax refund deposited directly into your bank account whether you file taxes on paper or electronically. How? All you need to do is select “direct deposit of your refund” when filing your income tax return.

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“Choosing direct deposit can shorten the time it takes to receive your refund,” said Terri Steenblock, assistant commissioner for individual taxes. “And it’s safe, easy and convenient.”

Direct deposit is free and saves more than $400,000 each year in printing and mailing costs. Last year, 73 percent of people receiving refunds chose direct deposit.

Here are some easy tips to follow:

● If you e-file, select the direct deposit option and enter your bank account number.

● If you paper file, put your bank account number on your tax return before filing your taxes.

● If you use a preparer, they can do it for you.

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